March 31st, 2011


Ill just start . . .

 . . . With a big update post
So as you may know Ive stopped studying quite some time ago (December)
Im going to a psychologist every week once, and will go into therapy once they have a spot for me
At the moment I also work in a hotel als a cleaning lady
(It's a heavy job =.=)
This tuesday I had a tooth extracted and it hurts T^T 
Also I'm fangirling over more people now:
- Kanjani8
- Johnnys Jr.
- Kansai Johnnys Jr.

- Morning Musume
- Berryz Koubou
- C-ute

- Shinee
- Super Junior

- F(x)
As for now;
Im going to clean and organise this journal
And my twitter account if twitter works along
. . . 
After that I'll try to be more active again